I Like Birds

I Like Birds is a Scottish publisher of bird-themed greeting cards with a strong brand identity, substantial following and significant cross-over appeal - their twin passions mean their work is fawned over by nature lovers and the design cognoscenti alike. Over the past two years they have built up a strong network of stockists from the top to the bottom of the UK - literally from Cornwall to Orkney - primarily consisting of independent design-led giftshops, galleries, museums, nature reserves and larger national concerns such as Paperchase - and have a hugely dedicated and engaged cult-like following online. Based in Moray, they distil the natural world into something simple and beautiful and, as a love of nature crosses both language and cultural boundaries, have global appeal.

I like Birds

I Like Birds offers:

  • An instantly recognisable and consistent style, easily reproduced and adapted to other product:
  • A large library of licensable images
  • Strong sales of existing card ranges and a high degree of brand loyalty
  • A committed and ever growing fanbase
  • A universal and enduringly popular subject matter
  • Established as a brand with integrity