Crimestoppers - the only credible brand to licence in the security and protection arena – to date, untapped by licensing.

  • 86% unprompted consumer awareness with 1.7 million unique visitors each year to their website and over 3000 media articles over the last 12 months across TV, Radio, On-Line and Print
  • Consumer trust the Crimestoppers brand – which can enhance products and services enabling licensees and retailers to drive sales and increase profits
  • Strong partnerships – Crimestoppers work with all 43 police forces in the UK, support over 40 companies and trade associations, partner with over 150 organisations and run 43 volunteer committees
  • The revenue secured from sales of Crimestoppers supported products goes towards the costs of Crimestoppers activities and campaigns

Four new licensees signed in 2016 with Ring for video door bells, Lloytron with flood lighting, door chimes, timers etc, Squires for locks. Other deals are in discussion with strong expansion planned for 2017 and beyond.